I welcome everyone I wanted to present new server High Five Server x 1. We are adding all efforts so that server is friendly for everyone player's.
Website: www.hallate.com

Experience (EXP): 1x
Skill Points (SP): 1x
Adena : 1x
Drop Items: 1x
Spoil: 1x
Recs-Keys: 1x
Quest Adena: 1x
Quest Drop Items: 1x
Weight Limit: 1x
Manor: 1x
Extract Fish: 1x
Safe Enchant: 3
Max. Enchant: 16

#Chance % of successful enchant
EnchantChance = 50
EnchantChanceArmor = 50
EnchantChanceAccessory = 50
# Crystal scrolls may have another chance
EnchantChanceCrystal = 50
EnchantChanceCrystalArmor = 50
EnchantChanceCrystalAccessory = 50
EnchantChanceCrystalArmorOlf = 50
# Chance enchant Bless point
EnchantChanceBless = 60
EnchantChanceArmorBless = 52
EnchantChanceAccessoryBless = 54
Off-line Shop mode
Wedding System
Vote Reward
DualBox Allowed

Technical side

1. All quest and instances working
2. Everything inside is made in java, nothing python
3. Skills using official formulas
4. Simulate Official Kernels
5. Improved Geodata engine
6. Improved Community Board
Full Geodata
Custom Services
Custom Commands

Max Buffs: 20 + 4
Max Dances/Songs: 12
Buffs time: Retail

FightClub Event Engine

Mini Events
Team vs Team
Team vs Team advanced
Capture the Flag
Mass Domination
Last Man Standing
Lucky Chest
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt PVP


AntiBot protection
DDoS protection
More Info in Game. See you there