[Source] [Geodata] [Backup] included 25euro acis v350
+40euro acis last version if you want.

Start Title Config.
Start Level Config.
New Player Spawn Config.
Sub Class Level Config.
Pvp Color System.
Sub Class Everywhere.
PvP Reward System.
Anti Buff Shield.
Blessed Scrolls Chance
Crystal Scrolls Chance
Max Enchant For Crystal Scrolls
PvP Count System.
# This system count your kills without die. Auto Killing Spree like League of Legends.
# Special Announce after 2/3/5/7/9/11/15 pvp kills in a row.
Starting Items System. (NOT FOR EQUIPPED ITEMS).
Noble Item.
# In <gameserver/data/xml> you will find the file skipping_items.xml You can put inside the items id who want to be skipped from droplist.
Olympiad PvP Kills Limits.
Global & Trade Chat with level Limits.
Bot Protection.
Topzone/Hopzone/Network Vote Reward.
PvP Zone.
# In <gameserver/data/xml/zones> You will find the file FlagZone.xml.
TvT Event.
# You will find the settings of TvT Event in events.properties
Gm Shop.
Party Teleporter Npc
Raid Boss Manager
# You can register your clan for siege, lvl up your clan, add clan skills.
TvT Event Npc
Vote Manager
# Hopzone/Topzone/Network