Ragnarok Mania - Private international Low-rate Ragnarok Online server, Evolutional (in the future more episodes will be released and also customs episodes) Currently Episode 1012 : Einbroch, Pre-renewal without 3rd jobs Gepard Shield and Adelays. Full Anti-cheat system. Rates: 10x/10x/5x, MvP/Miniboss: 2x Normal Cards: 0,10%, MVP Cards: 0,01%.

New Low rate server with a LOT of new quests, custom raid's, dungeons, items, events. Extremely devoted staff, we are still working on translations for Spanish and English for now, but every day new things are being translated and updated. There will be opening promotions such Lvl 99 race and Vip promotions. Also we really want your feedback for better constant improvement of the server, any suggestions are welcome.

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Everyone is welcomed, join our community.