AristaPvP Introduction
We would like to introduce AristaPVP to Elitepvpers.
We've worked hard to get the server in the state as it is now & we are ready for more server population.
We offer garantueed stability & proffesional development to give our players the best Conquer Online PvP gaming experience we can offer.
The server is based on a classic version of conquer online but custom content have been added & some modern features may be implemented later if our player base agree with us.

Equipment Welcome Pack
All new players will receive a welcome pack which contains a full set of Super 1-Socket +3 level 120 equipments.

How to play AristaPVP
We have made it very simple & userfriendly for new players to join.
Follow this short tutorial and you'll be fine.

1) Go to Arista PvP - Conquer Online PVP Server
2) Select the "Downloads" page, download our Game installation & start the installation.
3) Once installed, start the "Play AristaPvP.exe" shortcut located on your desktop.
4) Log into the game with any username & password you like, new accounts are created automatically.
5) Enjoy AristaPVP!

NOTE: You can change your password on our website.

Recent News & Updates

Guards replaced by Revivers (7 Seconds Revive) in Twincity!

ActivePoints & ActiveRewards implemented! - 5 Minutes online = 1 ActivePoint
VIP Status for players implemented. Autoloot + Autoscrollpack + higher gold drops & more!

Direct Equipment Plus (+) Upgrade System implemented!
Shoppingmall is deleted & AristaShop have made available!
Dragonball > CPs Exchange NPC have been added in Market.
Dragonball drop rates are lowered & Gold Drops are set higher.

Proff Leveling have been set higher.
FastBlade, ScentSword, FireofHell & Tornado have been added to the class welcome packages.
Server Information
Conquer Online Patch Version: 5018
Gameplay: Player Versus Player (PVP)
Play2Win: Yes
Classic Jump: Yes
TwinCity PVP: Yes

AristaPVP Features
All Character Classes, Spells & Skills
All Items, Equipments, Weapons & Garments
All Conquers 5018 Quest's, Events & Tournaments
New Custom Quests, Events & Tournaments
GuildHouse + Guild Wharehouse
Re-Balanced Attack System
Character House System
4 Characters - 1 Account
Multiple PvP Arenas
AristaShop NPC (Garments & Items)
Revivers/ReviveGuards - 7 Seconds Revive
ActivePoints + Active Rewards
VIP Player Status
& much more.
Server Rates
CPs drops: 1CP each monster kill
Gold drops: Medium
Proff exp: High
Rebirth lvl exp: Medium
Players Start Level: 130 Non Reborn
Play AristaPVP - We hope you enjoy.


Team Credits:
TaTLine (Graphics designer, Coder & GameSupport)
Xio/Yuki (Coder)
iBotX/Duke (Coder & Website development)
Alcoholic (GameSupport)
1Million (General Advertisement & GameSupport)
TheGodFocker (Foreign Advertisement, Video Editor & GameSupport)