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Our Introduction :

"We here at Ion Network want to bring something new to Aion. We've seen that there hasn't been much happening as far as dedicated, new and promising servers popping up. So due to our new staff its now possible for us to join the competition. We promise new features and gameplay like never before seen in Aion. All players suggestions we take to heart and try to make them possible. Come join us now and see what amazing new things we can bring to the home front."

- Mr.Ion

Our Goals and Views :

Donars & Non-Donars
- Here at Ion's Aion we don't encourage or enjoy promoting pay 2 win features. So everything that can be bought in-game can also be obtained in another way. This helps bring a new aspect to the game and encourage people to exploring and search or donate to help promote the longevity and constant updates on our server.

- We believe in giving back so every few weeks we host a giveaway where things like gift cards, electronics & other trinkets are raffled off.

- Planned and details, just a few things we aim for when we host events. Everything is balanced so there is no inflation or arguments involved in them. All events will be posted on our website and in our forums to keep our community informed!

Feature List

  1. Aion 4.5 Steel Cavalry release
  2. Faction-based PvP
  3. Friendly 'Duel' PvP
  4. PvPvE play
  5. Cooperative group system
  6. Legions and Guild system
  7. Thousands of quests
  8. 3 Huge worlds to explore
  9. Pets
  10. Mounts
  11. Crafting and professions
  12. Own your own housing
  13. Weddings
  14. In-game cash shop (No need to leave the game to buy things)
  15. Free Fly Everywhere (planned)
  16. Voting gateway with rewards (planned)

3 Membership Levels

Free -
  1. Up to 5 characters per account
  2. Mid level experience, drop rates and abyss points
  3. Most features are as designed in the retail version of Aion
  4. Donations are not needed to play

Premium -
  1. One time donation per account to upgrade permanently
  2. Up to 8 characters per account
  3. Double experience, drop rates and abyss points compared to Free
  4. All emotes provided - no need to buy them in-game

  1. Available only to Premium accounts
  2. Small monthly donation
  3. Double experience, drop rates and abyss points compared to Premium
  4. Instance requirements waived
  5. All non-bound items storeable in guild or account bank
  6. All non-bound items tradeable to other players
  7. Higher enchantment and enhancement stone socketing success levels