Pandarion is a World of Warcraft private server based on 5.1.0. (gamebuild 16357) patch.

What make us special ?

We are trying to offer blizzlike content on a high level.

We will release blizzlike content as much as possible.

We will offer you a great Mist of Pandaria retail experience. How ? Everything will be progressive so this feature would keep the player entertained and connected with us.

Our Developers have been working with servers for over 3 years, which means we have alot of knowledge and experience.

Friendly and helpful community/staff.

We have our own core and database, which means our server will deliver stable realms to the players.

Easy to use website with most useful functions implemented.

Server rates :

10x for Quests

5x for Kills

3x for Explore

5x for Professions

8x for Reputation

2x for Honor

Last words :

We are waiting for you , to help us make a playerbase , and help us fixing bugs ( reporting them on our bugtracker ). Also we will look forward for a feedback after release.

Best regards,

Pandarion Staff.