Server Started at 07.11.2013, 21:00 GMT+2
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After 5 months of development work on our new server. We are proud to offer you one of the best server of the year L2 aGain High Five Mid-Rate! Our server will give you the 99% completed High Five Lineage 2 retail Game-play !! Our files have been tested fully and they are 100% complete. We tryed to bring you the best High Five mid-rate.we hope you will enjoy our server [] .

High Five x30

Rates :

Exp Rate : x30

SP Rate : x30

Adena Rate : x40

Spoil Rate : x25

Drop Rate : x20

Party XP /SP: x 1.5

Rate Drop Manor : X20

Rate Quest Drop : x10

Rate Quest reward XP : x10

Rate Quest reward SP : x10

Rate Quest reward Adena : x10

Safe Enchant : +3

Max Enchant : +16

Voiced Commands :










.xpOn /.xpOff




When you write .menu will appear one window,in this window will be this commands:

Button for deposit and withdraw

Button for Bind Ip

Button for Siege Info

Button for ON/OFF XP & SP

Button for status Premium

Button for Hellbound status

Button for Repair broken character

We will add more Soon !!!

Events :



Double Domination

Last Man Standing

Lucky Chests

Simon Says

Team vs Team

VIP Team vs Team


Capture The Flag

Russian Roulette

Bomb Fight



All events are every hour and you wil play wich have more vote from the players,have also nice prize.

More Info :

Character Start with :

50k adena

Equip full with armor ,wep and jewels No Grade !

"Rune for Xp & Sp ,50% increase for 24 hours"

Buffs :

Buffs Duration : 2 hours

Buffs Slots : 24 +

Dance and Songs Slots : 12

4 Scheme Max

No Sub-class Quest

Sub-Class Max. lvl 85

Auto Learn Skills

Auto Learn Loot

Off-Line Shop

Vitality System



Geodata & Pathnode

Unstuck - 30 sec

System vote .getreward

Advance community Board "alt +B" here You can find :

Server Info




Profession "class changer"

And more !!!