www.l2evadine.com Day of inaguration 01.05.13 Server Pvp H5 X1000 network social https://www.facebook.com/pages/Linea...41662825923380

High Five Part 5 chronicle

Rates x1000
Start Lvl 85 and free with equipped Elegia items

GM Shop full, everything for custom Coin

Enchants / Elements 100%
Safe / Max +10
Attribute max lvl 7

All buffs available (except kamael and class specific)
Npc Buffs enchanted +30/+15, 4 hour duration
32+4 buff slots, 16 dances
Mana potions available

Farm zone
PvP Zones ( Mini Epic Raids )
PvP Reward
PvP Class Balance

Heroes selected every 2 week
Castle Siege every 2 week
Territory Wars every 2 week

Cancel and Steal Divinity return buffs
Overbuff protection
Olympiad anti-feed protection
PvP Items can be enchanted, augmented, and elemented
All cloaks have the same stats.