XP: x500
SP: x500
Adena: x2000
Party XP: x2
Drop: x10

Enchant Rates

Safe Enchant: 4
Enchant Max: 16
Enchant Rate: 75%
Blessed Enchant Rate: 100% (+16)

Server Informer

GK Global
Scheme Buffer (Buffer & Pet Buffer)
Auto Enchant +10

Server Informer

You can find a book in your inventory with all information from the server and all the events that are plowed in the next week.

Global Gatekeepers

The Global GK teleports you to every area of ​​the game and Special Areas.


In the GM shop to find all the elements of D to S grade also find scrolls, consumables, potions, furniture, accessories, etc..


On the server you will find an NPC Buffer, in which you can create profiles and use the car buff


We have a lot of automatic events in our server as Team vs Team (TvT), Death Match (DM) and RaidBoss.

Farm Areas

There are plenty of custom agricultural areas on our server. For those who are starting, the most recommended is the "Newbie Zone Farm", where the crowds from level 20 to level 80 with a custom adena drop. The other areas: "buffer zones", "Area Champion" and "farm party zone" are for intermediate level players and veterans. Mobs there drop adena lots of scrolls, blessed love, Element stones / gems and gold bullion.


Dualbox protection in events (It looks at the IP of the machine, not the IP WAN, so they play in Cyber ​​Cafés are free to play)
Offline shops (Opens a store and exit the game, your character will still be logged selling / buying items)
Balanced Olympiads (All your stuff is treated as a + 6 enchant in battle)
Certification skills
Castle Sieges
Clan Hall Sieges
Fortress Sieges
Balanced Classes for improved gameplay 97%
PvP title color system