General Info
This server was developed more than 7 months and our aim is to have as close to like retail versions. Behind the Server is sitting experienced developers and gamemasters team that can make everything or help you anytime. Our main goal is to bring the fun and satisfaction of our players.
Server Version: Lineage2 High Five.
Server start date: 01.07.2012 - 19:00 CET (Expected date for LIVE)
BETA Server on: 25.06.2012 - 19:00 CET

Server rates
Exp: x20
SP: x20
Drop: x10
Spoil: x15
Adena: x20
Quest Drop: 5
Quest Reward: 4
Quest Exp/SP: 10
Quest Adena: x20
RaidBoss Drop: x3
GrandBoss Drop: x1
Manor Drop: x2
Extract Fish: x8

Safe Enchant: +4
Maximum Enchant: +16

Max Buff A-beep-t: 30 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
Dances & Songs: 20
Trigger Buffs: 12
Auto Loot: Enabled
Drop Protection: Enabled
Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds
Weight Limit: x10
Max Subclasses: 3
Max Subclass Level: 85
Subclass Without Quest: Enabled
Class Master: Enabled
Auto Learn Skills Include FGS: Enabled

Main Features
GM Shop**: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to A-Grade sold cheap enough. Misc and consumables as you need.
Buffer**: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats (Without Kamael).
Class Master: 1st class transfer Cost: 100,000 Adena. 2nd class transfer Cost: 1,000,000 Adena. 3rd class transfer Cost: 10,000,000 Adena & 5,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant's Codex.
Gatekeeper**: Unique and first of his class gatekeeper with Lineage 2 Map. All teleports inside for free.
Item Auction*: Put your items for auction to be bid and bought by other players.
Rank Manager*: L2Age's Hall of Fame. Make sure to be one of the first in the ranks!
News Informer*: News and changelogs will be posted there.
Off-Shop Manager*: Search items to buy/sell through the offline shops in every town via simple interface.
Achievements*: Another unique achievement system.
Character Control Panel: Manage the options of some of the server's custom features.
Olympiad Anti-feed Protection: Competitors' name and appearance will be changed during the match to prevent players from feeding.
Customizable clanhalls: You can spawn given NPCs(such as Global GK, GM Shop, Buffer, etc.) in your clanhall as you like.

* - The given feature is integrated into the game's Community Board (alt+b). You can use it everywhere you want.
** - The given feature is integrated into the game's Community Board (alt+b). You can only use it inside a Town or a Clan Hall.

High Five Features
New quests, items and skills are working.
Dragon Valley: New quests, raids, mobs, drops and zone buffs are working.
Seven Signs: Epic quests and instances working till the very last.
Olympiad: New stadiums, match details, match spectation and olympiad quests are working.

Practically, every High Five feature is working, those are just a small example.

Chamber of Delusion
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Infinity
Kamaloka instaces
Pailaka instances
Crystal Caverns
Tower of Naia
Steel Citadel
Tully's Workshop
Hellbound Town
Dark Cloud Mansion
7s Epic Quests
Zaken Normal and Hard
Freya Easy and Hard
Automatic Events
We have many events where our players can spend time and get nice rewards. The Event Engine is powered by Nexus Event Engine.
Mini Events
Single Players fights
Party fights
Korean Party fights
Mini TvT event
Main Events
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Mass Domination
Last Man Standing
Advanced Team vs Team
Lucky Chests

Player Name Colorization
Party Green - Players with this name color are members of your party. Overrides clan and alliance members coloring.
Clan Purple - Players with this name color are members of the clan you are in. Overrides alliance members coloring.
Ally Green - Players with this name color are members of your alliance.
Dark Gray - Players with this name color are mutual war enemies of your clan.
Gray - Players with this name color are 1-side war enemies of your clan.

Other Info
All talismans working as they should.
Mammons in every major town.
Many Passive Events.
Frequent GM Events.
PC Bang Points system.
SoA mobs drops Noblesse Enchantement Stones.

Available Voiced Commands
.help - Displays a list of the currently available voiced commands.
.openatod [number] - Instantly opens the given number of Ancient Tome of Demon.
.getreward - You will get an item reward after you have voted for our server.
.combinetalismans - Combines the remaning time of all talismans of the same type into one talisman.
.npcspawn - Manages the spawned NPCs in your clanhall.
.changepassword - Opens a new window, where you can change the password of this account.
.ccp - Opens the Character Control Panel where you can set various settings for your character.
.security - Opens the Character Security Panel. Check the forums for more info about this system.
.repair - Opens a window where you can repair a broken character (causing critical error) in your account.
.tradeoff/.tradeon - Disables/Enables trade requests forwarded to you.
.castle - Shows the current server time and the owner, tax rate and siege date of every castle.
.siege - Shows the current server time and siege date of every castle.
.engage - (Wedding mod) Engages the targeted player.
.divorce - (Wedding mod) You divorce with your partner. You will pay a tax for it.
.gotolove - (Wedding mod) Teleports you to your couple. It takes some a-beep-t of adena.