New Lineage2 Unreal Server Interlude Start :

General Information
Client Interlude!
Server Rates
Xp Rate x 5000
Sp Rate x 5000
Adena Drop x5000
Party XP x2
Party SP x2

Enchant Rates
Safe enchant +5
Max enchant +16
Normal scroll chance - 75 %
Blessed scroll chance - 90%

Custom Features
PVP Color System
NO Custom Armor/Weapon
Custom Items
Farming coins (Goldbar)
Nobless is Free
Custom Events
TVT Event Give Blessed Scrolls
CTF Event
GM event
Custom Systems
Anti-Buff Skill
Teleport protection from flagged players
Announcement of the top enchanted items
Annnouncement of kills in a row
Announcement of the top PK and PVP players
Global chat channel for top pvp players

Custom Areas
LS Zone
Gold bar Zone
Adena Zone
Custom NPC
GM Shop
Global Gatekeeper
Account Manager
Raid Boss Informer
Wedding Manager
Server Info
Siege informer
Clan manager
and more
Other Features
Clan Penalty - No Penalty
Ally Penalty - No Penalty
Grade Penalty - No Penalty
New character start with 300kk adena
Max Subclasses = 6
Max Subclass level = 80
Max Alliances = 3
Lifestones on Mob
Book of Giants on shop
Clan eggs and items on shop
Olympiad fully working! (Daily fixes)
All active/passive augments are fully working!

website :