L2 ConN Custom Interlude Server x5000

-> XP x5000
-> SP x5000
-> Adena x2500
-> Drop x1
-> Spoil x2
-> Party XP x5000
-> Party SP x5000

Enchant Rates
-> Safe Weapon:+6
Max Weapon:+30
Safe Armor/Jewels:+6
Max Armor/Jewels:+20
Normal Enchant: 75%
Blessed Enchant: 100%
(Blessed Until +16)
Crystal Enchant: 100%
(Crystal After +16)

Custom Items
-> Dusk Weapons
-> Apella Armors
-> Custom Tattoos
->Vesper Wings
->V.I.P. Wings
-> Custom Accesories
(with additional stats)

Capture The Flag
event every 1:30 Hour.
->(all events work 100%)<-
->Custom Class-Balance System
->Custom pvp Colors
->Custom Enchant System
->Heroes Every Week
->Castle Siege Every 2 Weeks
->ALL FORT Siege Working
(Every Week)
->Custom Skills
(With Custom Stats)
->Offline Trade System
->Away System
->Wedding System
-> Full Geodata
& Pathnode Activated

Custom NPCs
-> Custom Gatekeeper
-> Full GM Shop
-> Custom Shop
->Custom Vote Shop
->Full Buffer
->PvP/PK Ranking Npc

-> Full Geodata
& Pathnode Activated
-> Full Anti-Flood Protection
->No PHX Until Last Rev
->Protect Against L2Tower (v1)
->New Anti D-Dos System
->Spawn Protection
->Olympiad Protection
(no Crit. Error Point Steal)
(no buffer Tricks)
->NO Corrupt GMs!!!

Hope you Like our Server! Have Fun.