Who to contact !?

You can reach us by completing the form which opens by clicking on the button from the bottom of every HopZone.Net page.kvvDWXO.jpg

You can still reach us through email:
Kadar - kadar @ hopzone DOT net (for any issue related to the server listing)
HopHop - office @ hopzone DOT net or advertising@ hopzone DOT net (for any issue regarding advertising or bugs within HopZone)


Anything that has to do with hopzone.net website errors, site scripting or advertising,
contact hopzone. Either by private message hopzone or through the contact emails located here:

Anything to do with the listing of a server,
contact Kadar. Either by private message Kadar or through the Hopzone email
kadar @ hopzone DOT net

Asking hopzone about listing problems
Kadar about advertising
may cause a delay in your message being forwarded to the correct admin.

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