I am starting a professional development team for a Tera Emulator, what was supposed to be Lineage III.

The lead developers are already set, core libraries already made and plenty of tools to utilize for a faster development process. If you are looking for a new Java project and are willing to spend at least 10 hours a week on the project and have exceptional Java 1.5+ development skills, my team can help broaden your skills to new heights.

We use professional team management software which includes a proven successful Q/A process and code review that has been utilized in the many projects our core developers have succeeded in in the past 5 years within the emulator industry. We are looking to train people to new levels of coding ethics and provide an extraordinary experience from the ground up for the team. We hope to find passionate mature individuals who already have obtained exceptional programming practices today.

The development starts in 5-8 weeks. In order to join the team, you will have to prove your skills through an interview process. It all begins by sending a informal cover letter to this address: hyp3r.c0de at gmail.com

We will reply within 7-14 days if you are accepted or rejected in our 2nd stage of the interview process.

Best Regards,