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Thread: mIRC Server for any Ragnarok Server :)

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    mIRC Server for any Ragnarok Server :)

    Hi, alot of private servers set up a mIRC channel as its a great way to offer support and for your players to meet and chat. I'm here to inform admins of a fairly new server that would welcome any private server on, our details are and the port is 6667

    Any questions pop on and chat with us i'm [JAPS]She3p and the owner is Akensai who can be found in #Akensai or if you wanna ask me some questions pop into #japs

    Why choose us? we've got a team of irc ops who are at hand close to 24/7 to support you with any queries you may have and best of all you get to pick the name of your bot !

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    Is it true that you need 5 people to lock a channel in mIRC?
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