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Thread: Looking for aion private server

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    Try out implayer community, nice custom stuff and gm shop

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    Try this 1 is new

  3. #13 - full 2.1 support - 99% working campaign quests (including Miragent and Fenris!) - voting system and much more!

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    Nice private server

    Hi, i´m playin a new server, Hellion, it is not full yet, but everithing its working retty cool...and i used to play on inifinte aion too..lthorl, clan LMxSpain, lvl 55 sorce...the web its a look i¿and try it...the GMs are working pretty fine..everything you post its fixed pretty quick.

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    2 many private serversUFO Online
    Nexus Conflict
    world of warplanes
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    I just opened a 2.7 server

    hello i recently opened a 2.7 aion server 100x rates free fly in all areas and ingame item mall still updateing the list of items

    im looking for some ppl interested in testing the server for various reasons like connectivity how stable the server is and overall experience with the rates

    all testers will recieve help from me the admin or other gms on my staff with kinah and or other things needed to test certain aspects of the game

    if u are interested


    go to this link and download the ncsoft launcher and download the full Aion 2.7 retail client

    then you will need my Bin32 Folder and my Eternal Hate Launcher to connect to the server click the link below to download it and extract it to your aion game directory

    ex)C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Aion

    Create an Account here:

    and your all set and ready to login.

    [img width=1024 height=576][/img]
    [img width=1024 height=576][/img]

    Server Location: British Columbia Canada

    Server Specs:
    Amd Phenom II x6 1090t
    8gb 1600 ddr3
    2x 750gb sata 3

    •Aion client version 2.7
    •Characters creation
    •Player stats
    •Player cube expansion
    •Items use works fine (you can us all kind of pots and food etc.)
    •Lvl up and exp rates are compatible
    •Merchants, Brokers ,Personal Shops are working fine
    •Monsters attak and movement is correct
    •Flight Teleport
    •Normal Teleport
    •Player pvp system
    •Player duel system
    •Trade between players
    •Looting system
    •Enchant System (manastones,goodstones etc gives corrcet stats)
    •Personal warehouses
    •Account warehouses
    •Legion system (with all new titles and remodeled clothes)
    •Items Remodeling
    •Weapon Fusion System
    •Set Items Bonuses
    •Fortress works
    •PvP in abyss is possible
    •Plyer Sikills (skillbooks all woking correctly)
    •Rift system
    •Group system (alliance included)
    •100% of Campain Quets is Working but 95% is Retail Like
    •90% of Normal Quests Woking
    •Windstreams Works
    •Pet System
    •Low lvl instances working almost reatail like work on others is in progress
    •Essoterance Instance working fine (quests for it in progress)
    •Flight time , correct gliding and fly rings working
    •Cosmetics Tickets working (hair change etc.)
    •Motions working (books)
    •Emotions working(books)
    •100% of normal drops but 80% of Bosses Drops are ratail like (work in progress)
    •Custom In-game Item mall
    •Exchange System Exchange kinah and Ap for Toll for in-game item mall
    •Flight in all area's

    I will also create a new launcher after im done making the web page this is just temp to get a few ppl on the server to test how the rates are set and if any adjustments are needed as well as client compatibility and connectivity and basically to find stuff for me to fix and im constantly working on the server

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    This is PRIVATE SERVER [AION] <<<<--- High Rate Private Server

    Join 100% Dedicated

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    any new server

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    check out zeal aion , SEA server fully working.

    check out the server here

    Zeal Aion 3.9 ~ SEA Server ~High rate Pvp server~ Working IngameShop ~ Retail like Gameplay ~ No custom Items For balanced PVP ~ Free toll every hour ~ All Items Tradeable / Remodel ~ Freefly ~ new Instance, Mounts, Housing ~

    just sharing

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